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Guidelines for operating crime prevention cameras in miami residential areas

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Guidelines for operating crime prevention cameras in miami residential areas
27 September 2018

Guidelines For Operating Crime Prevention Cameras In Residential Areas in Miami

The advancement of technology and the concern to achieve a correct prevention of crime has led our society to make important changes not only legal but also environmental, finding among these changes a considerable increase in the number of crime prevention cameras in Miami residential areas.

There are more than 200 burglaries a day in Florida

Did you know that there are more than 200 burglaries a day in Florida, USA?

Autumn seems an ideal period. As soon as the sun goes down, the thieves set to work.

Do you prefer not to have burglars at home?

It is important to protect your residential area to the maximum. And today, it goes well beyond a simple alarm system.

Burglars prefer not to venture into a home with an alarm services. And if your residential area also has a crime prevention camera, there is a good chance it will not be targeted. Crime prevention cameras have a preventive effect. In addition, in case of break-in, you will have images of thugs. This greatly increases the chances of catching them.

No wonder, then, to see the number of camera installations grow in Miami residential areas. There are currently many quality crime prevention cameras for individuals. In addition, you can still easily view images via an app on your Smartphone or tablet. Their installation has become, in addition, very affordable.

The Installation

When installing a crime prevention camera, it is necessary to use a technology different from that of an alarm system. These are two totally different things. To operate, the camera requires electricity and wiring. An entire wireless installation is impossible. And the combination with an alarm is ideal. In case of alarm, you will be able to watch from a distance what is happening.


Buglers tend to enter through dark places like alleys and back doors that is why it is recommended to install cameras in these areas and it is advisable to use the ones fitted with infrared. It should also be placed in ways that it would not invade of other resident’s privacy.

The options

The range of cameras is very wide. It can be interesting to get advice from a professional company. You can opt for fixed or mobile models, but also only work if they detect movements. Weather conditions can also play a role. Indeed, fog and mist may affect the images. .

The cost

The price of crime prevention cameras varies considerably. You go from very simple models to others, very sophisticated. The storage capacity of the device is an important part of the price. For good quality crime prevention, there are different types of security camera devices.

Private life

The images recorded during a burglary can be used if you respect all the rules related to the private life. There is an obligation of information that requires you to display at least one readable and clear message. Visitors will know that they are filmed. On this message, you must provide the phone number, the address and the name of the security company. The easiest way is to ask them for an ad hoc sticker. Finally, you are legally required to inform the Privacy Commission of Florida, USA that you are using crime prevention cameras.

Approval of the crime prevention camera system by the board of owners

The installation of crime prevention cameras will require the adoption of agreement by 3/5 as established in privacy art. A meeting must be held by the resident and 3/5 of them must vote in favor of using the camera.

The agreement must be prior to the installation of the video crime prevention system and will be adopted as a security measure that will be approved and recorded in the Act. Therefore, it can be understood that the right to the image of the community members is affected due to the fact that they come out in the image, since there is coverage of community agreement adopted by all those who have chosen to live in community and subject to the agreements of a majority.

Extraction of images

The recordings of the video crime prevention system of the community of neighbors can only be extracted by the authorized persons responsible for the treatment of the file, although the usual thing is that this task is entrusted to the company that installed the system and that, as CSS TECH have said, must be responsible for the treatment of the file, according to Florida Police Department.

To avoid the misgivings some co-owners may have about the use made of the recorded images, as well as the indiscriminate request for images that may be made by some co-owners, they usually opt for two ways of requesting images; by complaint of an interested party or by agreement of the board or president.

Technical recommendations for the security camera system

Do not go crazy because video crime prevention is a complementary system, and therefore, your investment must maintain that basic concept of complementary. There are many functions and details that differentiate the CCTV system, but in communities I would focus on:


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