Charging Stations

Charging Stations in Miami, Florida

Why Charging Stations?

1. Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection: With the advantages of no dead angle, no residual, no secundary pollution, the backteria in the light range can be destroyed.

2. USB Charging & LED Indicator: Built-in intelligent detection IC, capable of automatically identifying tablets, mobile phones and mobile power bank. And other 5V devices provides an un precedented charging experience for bulk equipment 

3. Smart Timer Control Switch: High Quality Safety light touch switch, industry initiative. Daily time, time charging, disinfection fuction, a network.

4. Charging All Together & Well Managed: Intelligence teaching, one tablet for one student, charging together and well managed. The number mark can better management various devices.

How does the Tablet charging and storage security cabinet/cart works?

Inside the cart are 30 USB ports that support corresponding tablets and other mobile devices.Set in your devices and plug with the USB cable connected with the charging cart.Open the cabinet door of power supply area,switch on the leakage switch.Then connect the power cord and insert it into the mains power outlet and switch on the power master switch of the charging cart.Last,Open the alarm switch inside the cabinet, and set up the remote control fortification(open cabinet door illegally will give an alarm).The LED indicator lights will show the charge status of each attached tablet within the cabinet.

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