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Installing a security camera on both commercial and residential properties in Doral, Florida can help prevent burglaries to a large extent, since burglars usually avoid homes with security cameras. The effectiveness of a camera in properly recording footage of people entering or leaving the property depends to some extent on whether the camera is properly installed. Hence it is advisable to hire a reputed service provider like CSS Tech for Security Camera Installation Doral Miami . Some of the reasons why we are the preferred installer for security cameras in Doral are discussed.

Company Experience.

We have more than 17 years experience in installing security cameras for residential as well as commercial properties in Doral, Miami and other areas of Florida. Our well trained, skilled and experienced staff has installed cameras after considering the kind of security and camera footage our clients will require. Our staff is familiar with the design of security cameras from most of the popular brands, so we can install the cameras quickly and efficiently and offer a warranty on our installation services.

Work Process.

We work closely with our clients, to help them choose the right security camera based on security considerations, budget and other factors. Our clients can purchase their own cameras and we can install these cameras at the location specified by the client. Alternately we also undertake turnkey projects where we procure all the supplies including the camera on behalf of our client. After installation of the cameras, our staff will test the cameras to ensure that they function properly. We also train our clients on how to use the security cameras, for monitoring their property when away from home.


Based on the requirement of our customers, we install all kinds of security cameras including IP security cameras. Depending on the type of camera, we will also do the wiring required for networking or other reasons. Our experienced staff will configure the camera, adjusting the settings if required and also train clients on using the security camera. Additionally we offer maintenance and repair services for all brands of security cameras in Doral, Miami. In most cases, our customer support will try to resolve the problem on phone. However, in some cases, an on-site visit may be necessary, and usually our staff will visit the client address within 72 hours of receiving a customer request.


We initially offered installation services in various areas of Miami like Doral, we now offer our services in most areas of Florida like

  • Doral
  • Broward county,
  • ¬†Palm Beach,
  • Naples
  • Fort Myers.
  • We are familiar with the weather, security in Doral, Florida and provide updates to our clients to help them stay safe

Why CSS Tech is Your Best Option.

One of the main reasons why most companies prefer to hire our services for security camera monitoring is that we offer high quality products at extremely affordable rates from reputed companies. We are also updating our product range to incorporate the latest technology, to save our client time and money. We provide excellent technical and customer support so that our clients for Security Camera Installation, Doral, Miami ,can resolve their problems quickly.

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