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CSS TECH is rated the best security camera installation Pinecrest Miami area offers. Serving our area for over 17 years, we have strived to provide excellent customer service, technical support, and the highest quality video equipment technology offers to all residential and commercial properties. We can provide service, maintenance, and support throughout Florida, offering budget-friendly pricing and around-the-clock expert support to make your life safer and business management easier. We continually work on updating our technology to provide our customers with the latest video technology available and the highest quality security equipment on the market.


Installation Services:

  • Security Camera Installation – We offer the highest-grade security equipment installments in our industry throughout Florida.
  • Smart Home Automation – This state-of-the-art installation lets you automate your appliances, machines, and more, all synchronized together for simultaneous monitoring on a shared network. Keeping your budget in mind, you have the ability to customize this service based on your home or business needs.
  • Access Control – Giving you power at your fingertips; we can install keyless control access. This works as a business management tool with dependable tracking and automation. It operates with ease thanks to a user-friendly design and an effortless installation. This service also comes with technical support, allowing our experts to guide you.
  • Alarm System Installation – CSS Tech is an industry leader in defending your home and business. Alarm System guards every inch of your property’s perimeter. It is designed with smoke and fire alarms, a carbon monoxide detector, sensors that monitor temperature and water for your pipes during the winter, burglar detection, and centralized monitoring alerting local police, fire, and ambulatory should the need arise.
  • Structured Cabling Service – A recommended service for the organization of your cables based on your home or business needs, future servicing, building structure, personal preferences, cable quality, and functionality. This allows your home or business to be free of loose and unsightly cables, giving you less downtime, increased speeds, and saving time during servicing needs.
  • IP Security System – Keep track of your business or home from any location worldwide with remote access at your fingertips. IP Security System is the industry preferred service for those who are not always at their home or business. This system gives you instant access from any location with internet service. With excellent video resolution and a user-friendly interface, instantly view your property on your phone, tablet, or computer. This system will operate with any existing analog cameras, alarm, and fire alarm systems. You can also program alerts to be sent directly to your mobile phone or email and thanks to updates, your system will always be programmed with the latest software.
  • Charging Stations – This station features 30 USB ports with UV disinfection and a smart timer control switch, making it cost-effective and energy-efficient. Engineered to recognize each device and its current charge, allows the station to determine each device’s individual charge needs. CSS Tech also offers custom UV Charging Stations designed to your needs.
  • Gate Systems – Our certified experts install, repair, and maintain gate system installations. We will design your gate installation to your site’s specifications, install any needed safety gadgets and test your system to keep it running optimally. Our team provides necessary maintenance and remote operation checks. We also offer a vehicle detection device installation which eliminates the need for manually operating your gate.


CSS Tech strives to supply the best security camera installation Pinecrest Miami area has available. We are committed to maintaining an expert staff that takes care of our customers’ needs and provides around-the-clock support and monitoring. We aim to keep our security installations equipped with the latest technology and highest-grade products. We value our community and give back through various local projects and continuous grassroots efforts. Trust our experts in keeping you and your home or business protected.


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18117 Biscayne Blvd #3066, Miami, FL 33160

16235 Southwest 117th Avenue, #14, Miami, FL 33177

19451 S Tamiami Trail Ste 12-1013, Fort Myers, FL 33908


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