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Common mistakes while installing Security Cameras in Miami

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Common mistakes while installing Security Cameras in Miami
18 April 2019

Common mistakes while installing Security Cameras in Miami, Florida

Lets talk about the most common mistakes while installing security cameras in Miami which has an always growing population and has several surrounding areas with high crime indice. 

If you plan to install security cameras in your office and choose one of the best security companies for installation work, you already know the importance of the camera in your office. However, sometimes companies feel overwhelmed by the idea of protecting their employees and their property with the help of CCTV and video surveillance and miss out the basics to install these cameras. This often causes several errors before and during the installation process. In this article, we will examine some of the common mistakes people make.

Starting a business involves planning for security issues. The last thing an entrepreneur wants to deal with is stolen goods. Proper installation of CCTV cameras provides a high level of security. With CCTV cameras in your business and at home, you feel safe. The question is whether these CCTV cameras are properly installed. CSS TECH helps you point out common mistakes that you should avoid when installing CCTV cameras.

Choice of cheaper models

Cost should not be the only factor to consider when buying a security camera. Choosing cheaper models to save a few dollars can be expensive in the long run. The costs of errors and their repairs can be high in the future. The most economical camera models are generally of low quality and offer poor functionality and fewer features. The body of these cameras is not robust and can easily be damaged. Therefore, choose the camera according to its characteristics. You should also consider the types of cameras that match the property of your office when you buy. Cost can be a secondary consideration to consider.

Installing the camera only to see that the image is upside down

Nothing is more frustrating than finishing the installation of a security camera, turning the screen and seeing that one of the cameras is upside down. With the rotatable head, it somehow ended up reversed.

Install the camera in the wrong place

A better position means better protection. You must find the best locations for your cameras. As you walk through your property, you will probably see angles offering excellent views. However, from the point of view and the identification of areas without obstacles on the road (such as trees), how is the sunlight during the day? The last thing you want is a strong sunlight that blinds the viewing angle during the day. This gives you a blind spot and makes video surveillance unnecessary during the sunny day.

Not using enough cameras to cover your entire property

Covering your property requires more than two cameras. Many automatic starters range from two to four cameras, although this is probably not enough to give you a complete overview of your property. If you use it only to find out when the UPS delivery person has sent you the package or if your children have returned from school or not, a small amount of cameras is sufficient. However, if you want complete protection, you probably need more cameras. The wide-angle lens is ideal for covering more floors, but not for facial recognition.

Installing cameras outside the wireless range

Most home security cameras are wireless. The cables are excellent and offer solid power, but this home installation is not practical. Wireless cameras are much easier to set up, but it's important to understand the camera's range. Each camera has a defined range that can be detached from the receiver. When the camera starts to reach the limit of this range, its power supply may contain errors and even drop completely.

No password protected your wireless video surveillance network

As with any wireless device, information is transmitted over the network. The wireless network configuration for your cameras is the last step in the installation. Although the wireless network is easier to configure, it also means that the source can be hacked. It is important to set a password in the associated network. In this way, it is much harder to hack the wireless security network. This is the last step of the installation process, but many people forget to perform these tasks.

To avoid these and other mistakes made while installing a security system, consult the experts at CSS TECH. As the best security system installers in Miami, specializes in quality security system services for residential projects in Miami.

CSS Tech has made a business out of providing professional grade surveillance equipment, including infrared cameras and software for residential and commercial properties. Commitment to quality extends from product development to customer service. Our staffs have over 8 years of CCTV and outdoor security camera system experience to serve you best!


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